Being a successful leader in today's work environment takes more than technical knowledge and emotional intelligence.  Dealing with technology changes, cultural differences, generational preferences and growing employee expectations requires new skills.

The current level of employee engagement experienced by many workplaces point to gaps in traditional leadership development programs.  It's time for change.

Launch a Leader Resource Group and provide your leaders with the learning environment, skills and support network they need to successfully face today's leadership challenges.

What is a Leaders Resource Group?

A Leaders Resource Group (LRG) is a voluntary, member-led group that serves as a resource for company leaders to help them strengthen their ability to foster an engaged workplace that aligns with their organizational mission, values and goals.

A LRG provides resources for professional development, promotes a learning environment and establishes a network of people who share common experiences.

Historically, companies have started resource groups for minorities and women in an effort to strengthen understanding and diversity in their organization.   Many have launched additional groups that include LGBT, veterans and other communities that share common interest.  As these groups have matured, the resource group model has proven itself a viable vehicle for interaction and learning.

Current employee engagement numbers point to gaps in traditional leadership development in addressing the kind of challenges facing today's leaders.   It's time for a new approach,

Given the success of the resource group model, a Leaders Resource Group (LRG) is the perfect forum for leaders to share experiences and learn how to strengthen their leadership skills.

Leaders Resource Group (LRG)

Launching A Leaders Resource Group

Rule # 1: Keep it Simple

The purpose of a Leaders Resource Group (LRG) is to provide a forum for leaders to broaden their understanding of issues facing today's workforce, improve their employee engagement skills and strengthen their ability to facilitate an inclusive work environment.

Guidelines for the LRG should be developed and include:

  • LRG Group name and mission
  • Target membership
  • Guidelines for meetings, logistics and activities
  • Group structure and roles and responsibilities (including executive sponsor)
  • Funding
  • Communication and feedback
  • Measures of Success

Suggested Leaders Resource Group Events

Leader Resource Group (LRG) events should occur monthly, focus on pertinent issues impacting the workforce, engage leaders in meaningful conversation and provide a forum for identifying and sharing good practices.

Event topics should be selected by group members based on current organizational challenges. Events hosted by LRGs include in-person networking, visiting speakers, book discussions, panel discussions and other activities that encourage participation and discussion.

A Few Suggested Topics:

  • Overcoming bias in decisions
  • Effective coaching and mentoring
  • Employee development planning
  • How to build trust
  • Dealing with a workplace bully
  • Politics at work
  • Recognizing good performance
  • Respect in the workplace
  • Managing cultural differences
  • Dealing with offensive behavior
  • Translating vision into action
  • Setting meaningful goals
  • What About Wall Street?