Do your leaders need help guiding employees through workplace challenges?  Are your leaders searching for ways to help employees  reach their full potential?   Does your organization need help dealing with a major workplace transformation?

Find out if launching a Leaders Resource Group is right for you.  As an experienced leader who has been on the front lines, led successful transformations, built top performing teams and developed dozens of leaders, Gianna can help you evaluate  whether an LRG is the right answer for your organization's leadership challenges.

Launching an LRG

Not sure how to start a Leaders Resource Group?   No problem. We can help you design a customized approach and guidelines to design, launch and sustain a successful  LRG.

Content and Activities

A successful Leaders Resource Group should provide a memorable experience that serves as a catalyst for action and change.

An interactive format assures hands-on learning.  And meaningful  content and interactive activities will assure leaders want to engage and contribute to the resource group.

We'll help you figure out what topics and activities will provide the most value to your leadership development efforts.

Best Experience - Best Value

Formal training programs are costly.  Constant changes in the workforce make it nearly impossible to maintain them current.  A Leaders Resource Group is run by its members, requires minimal cost and addresses real-time issues and  can result in significant value for your  company, your leaders and employees.

The Power of Networks

A powerful benefit of a Leader Resource Group is the networking and support that leaders develop with one another.   Many leadership development programs are a one-and-done experience.  But that's not what it's like on the front lines.   Establishing a network of colleagues to reach out to on a daily basis to help address those everyday issues not only helps leaders quickly solve issues but expands their skills as well.

Next Steps...

Being a successful leader in today's work environment takes more than technical knowledge and emotional intelligence.   Dealing with technology changes, cultural differences, generational preferences and growing employee expectations requires new skills. 

The current level of employee engagement experienced by many workplaces point to gaps in traditional leadership development programs.  It's time for change.

Launch a Leader Resource Group and provide your leaders with the learning environment, skills and support network they need to successfully face today's leadership challenges.